We lead such busy lives!  Having a great housekeeper will bring order to your home, freeing up your time to concentrate on the important stuff in your life.  As such, a housekeeper needs to be a highly organised, tidy person who will be able to take on all the organisational pressures of running and cleaning a busy home.

A housekeeper can either live in or live out, may work full-time or part-time and will be able to carry out all the domestic services for your family including cooking, cleaning, laundry,running errands and helping with childcare.

We select the most professional and experienced housekeepers to join your household.  We meet and thoroughly interview all our housekeepers and through this process are able to select the most suitable applicants for your needs. 

We offer our families a free trial period for up to a week where they are able to see their housekeeper in action. This gives both the family and the housekeeper the opportunity to see whether they are best suited to the job.

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