Companions for Elderly, Disabled or Recuperating Clients

Having a professional companion can bring such piece of mind to an elderly or frail person, and to their family.  Needs vary – not all clients need a lot of practical help, often they simply need companionship and support, somebody to chat to, while they go about their day.  . 

If you think you might want someone like that in your life then we can help.  A companion can assist with everything from housekeeping to running errands, from joining you for a meal to helping with  day to day administration or accompanying you on a lovely stroll in the park.

While our companions are not qualified carers, they certainly will provide support and care and help you in the areas which you may find are a bit of a struggle.  Most importantly, your companion will be a regular friendly face and a trusted presence in your life – everyone needs that.

Companions can be full time or part time they can live in or live out. When we register companions we seek out kindness and compassion, as well as relevant experience – all of these characteristics are vital to be considered for this role. 

We will listen attentively to what families are looking for in a companion and based on your needs, we’ll find the right companion. 

The cost of a companion can vary between £200 net per week - £400 net per week. This depends on the companion's previous experience, their level of English, the amount of hours and the duties you would expect your companion to work. 

If you are a family looking to employ a great companion please contact us here

If you are a companion registering for work please register here