Our Step By Step Hiring Process

If you are looking for a nanny, mother's help, companion or housekeeper, read on as we explain the next steps for finding the perfect person for your role (don't worry, we try to make the whole process as simple and painless as possible).  

1.  Contact us

To start the process for your search you can email us or complete a simple contact form. We will get back to you as soon as we can to discuss your role in detail.

If you prefer to chat through your requirements and get some guidance or advice, please don’t hesitate to call us on 020 7101 4243.


2.  Job Description

Once we have had a good chat with you about your role and about the type of personality you think would best suit your family we will, together with you, build an in-depth job description to attract the best applicants for your role.

The job spec should include key information including the contractual working hours, the salary, location, day to day duties and the qualities and experience you are looking for.


3.  Attracting candidates to your job

We always have lots of great candidates on our books, details of the role will be sent out to targeted candidates on our extensive database;

We will also post your job description on our website - we are known in the industry as the go to agency and candidates regularly check our website for new jobs;

Where appropriate we will also place additional adverts on different platforms to attract the best variety of candidates. 


4.  Sharing candidate details

Once we have identified & interviewed potential candidates, we will send you their full details. We will send as many suitable applicants as we have identified, we don't hold back any candidates. Equally we won't send anyone unless we feel they are an appropriate match. It's often two or three candidates, sometimes only one.


5.  Arranging interviews

If you like any of the candidates, we will arrange interviews, but we do encourage you to do this as soon as you can - great candidates don't hang around! We also strongly advise you not to judge an applicant purely by their CV. We meet amazing people who are brilliant at their jobs and come highly recommended by  their previous employers - CV's don't always reflect how awesome they are. We encourage a second interview or trial with candidates you feel are potentially a good fit.


6.  Offering a trial period

We encourage all our families to carry out a short trial period of up to a week so you can get a good feel for whether they will be the right fit for your family. If you need someone to cook or drive as part of the role, make sure you are happy with the way they do this. If you need a live-in person, have them move in for the trial period so you know what they are like as a presence in your home. If they are not quite right, just give us your feedback and we'll continue the search process until we get it right.


7.  Formal offer of employment

You have finished interviewing candidates.  You have done a trial. Now, you are ready to make an offer. You may wish to offer the candidate the job directly or we are happy to do so on your behalf. Either way, we are so delighted for both of you!


8.  Securing the placement

Congratulations!  Such amazing news – you have made an offer and it has been accepted. Once our invoice has been paid we will send the candidate a formal offer of employment letter which secures the placement. We offer an 8 week probationary period from the start date, where if for any reason things are not working out we would offer a replacement. If no suitable applicant can be found we would offer you a portion of your fee back. Please see our Terms.


9.  Employment contract and payroll

You will be creating an employment relationship and as such, you will be responsible for putting your new employee on a payroll and ensuring that the correct tax is paid.  Don't worry, help is at hand - we work very closely with nannytax who are a specialist payroll company and will make this side of things very simple. Nannytax also offer support and advice on all employment issues including maternity pay, holiday pay and other statutory holiday pay. Make sure you mention Homebodies to receive their special attention.


10.  Aftercare and ongoing support

You haven’t got rid of us just yet! We will stay in touch to check that things are going well. It sometimes take a bit of time for someone to get settled into a new role, so we are here to offer ongoing support and advice to both our families and our candidates.