Homebodies - the Story So Far...

Homebodies - the Story So Far...

 17 Jan 2017

We are so excited to be launching our new website and have so many exciting plans to continuously improve Homebodies as London’s go-to people on anything related to childcare and support within a home.

We will regularly post, up-to-date articles and information relating to help within your home and offer our expertise and top tips to help you find and keep your dream job or recruit the perfect help.

We look forward to sharing personal stories from our applicants, their tips and advice. We also have some very exciting guest bloggers who are professionals and experts in their fields who will be sharing their experiences and stories with you.

We thought it be best to kick off our Blog page with the story of Homebodies – who we are? Where did we come from? And what do we do?

It all began a long, long time ago. Simone had given birth to twins a sister and a brother for Mia who was then only just 14 months old!

Simone needed help. Desperately.

And help came in the form of a fabulous maternity nurse who in no time taught her everything about babies, routines and most of all about how essential good help and support in the home was in order to remain sane.

When it was time to say farewell to her lovely maternity nurse, Simone, decided that an au pair would be able to provide her with just the right amount of support she needed. Simone was on maternity leave and needed an extra pair of hands to help with baby twins and a toddler.

She narrowed it down to two candidates and couldn’t decide who to give the role to. She called Lois, who had just had her second baby girl. She knew Lois would benefit from an extra pair of hands too. It was a great idea - Simone would take on one of the girls and Lois the other.

Unbeknown to Lois and Simone, this au pair recruiting arrangement was the start of what is today Homebodies. But that didn’t happen until many years later.

So while Simone was up to her eyeballs in nappies, wipes and muslins, over at Lois’ a plan was brewing.  Lois had tasted the miracle of live-in flexible help and support and there was no going back. Her au pair was her life line. Her saviour. Everyone HAD to have one. There was no stopping her now – Lois and her Polish au pair quickly established relationships with partner agencies around Poland. She didn’t stop there. Off she flew to the Czech Republic and established good connections there too. She spread her connection to Slovakia and Hungary and quickly built a very good reputation for finding excellent au pairs for families mainly based in North and North West London.

Simone went back to teaching and Lois had another baby and continued to place au pairs into families in London.

We need to fast forward a few years now – to when all the kids were a bit bigger and in full-time school. Lois had many more hours in the day and she recognised the demand for support out there. Why stop at au pairs?  All sorts of childcare -  nannies, mothers helps, after-school support. Why just childcare? Housekeeping and companions for the elderly were in demand too.

This was all too much for one person to take on. Lois knew there was only one person she could completely rely on. Completely trust. Someone efficient and organised. Someone who knows what a busy mum really needs. Someone who also understands from an educator’s perspective what children need.

This person was already running a perfectly clean and tidy home. The proof was plain to see. 3 kids in 14 months. They all slept through the night from an early age. They all ate everything that was given to them. Her home was spotless and she looked perfectly groomed every day. She had good help in her home and she knew how to pick them!

Lois and Simone joined forces in 2011. And that is who we are. We are two mums, two friends. A couple of entrepreneurs who have a passion and a lot of experience for helping other mums and families out there find the right help to keep their homes ticking over in a happy and orderly way.

We are Lois and Simone. 


Well done Lois and Simone on your great success story. Your Energy, Enthusiasm, Effort, Ethics and Empathy are to be admired! Best wishes for continues success. Melanie Rubin - Sydney -Australia.
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