Homebodies believe that routine can be beneficial for children

Homebodies believe that routine can be beneficial for children

 22 Feb 2018

As well as being mums ourselves, we speak to lots of parents and experienced nannies all the time and highly recommend establishing a routine in your home. This will make life easier and calmer for both you and your children.

Since children don’t have a lot of control in their lives, a normal and established routine can bring a sense of comfort, security and certainty to them. Although change can be exciting and a new learning curve, it can also be stressful as children often fear the unknown.

Here are our reasons why routines can be helpful:

  • Routines can help children get used to chores
  • Routines can help to create a calmer household
  • Routines can help to develop healthy habits
  • Routines can help your child to understand time management
  • Routines can offer your child an opportunity to get excited for what’s ahead

Homebodies top tips for establishing a routine

  1. Snail pace

Establish the important times (such as waking up times, meal times, bath times) and gradually start to move to a consistent routine.


  1. Make it fun

Draw up a poster or a chart that is visual so that they know what is expected. Include photos and rewards to make it exciting for them!


  1. Make it a habit

Follow the same routine daily for a few weeks until it becomes a habit.


  1. Be patient

Setting a schedule may be hard for you and your child at first, but they will become accustomed to it.


  1. Mummy and Daddy time

Whether this is walking the dog together or reading a book before bed, be sure to include some special family time.

And finally, our last top tip for this blog

Enjoy these precious years – it tends to fly by in a blink





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