What is a Companion for the Elderly?

What is a Companion for the Elderly?

 15 Feb 2017

We’ve all heard of care homes, nursing homes, carers, old age homes, senior citizens’ housing, retirement homes….but one thing that doesn’t come to mind when we think of our ‘elderly parents’ is COMPANIONS. That’s because most people have never heard of them. And guess what? They could be your best option.

Companions, are support providers for the elderly (or disabled or recuperating clients), in their home. While they may not be professionally qualified carers, they are certainly professional friends, helpers and all-round assistance in whichever area they’re needed. And because they’re not qualified carers, they are a sensible and affordable option for people who need help and companionship and want to stay in their own home. 

Most importantly, a Companion is a trusted, emotionally qualified individual, who can provide the day-to-day aid and helping hand, as well as a friendly face and a warm smile. While providing practical help they can also simply be a supportive presence, somebody to chat to and warm company.

A few things to know about companions:

-HELP & FRIENDSHIP: Companions can assist with everything from housekeeping & running errands to joining your loved one for a meal to accompanying a stroll in the park.

-COMPANIONS, NOT CARERS: While our companions are not qualified carers, they certainly will provide support and care and help you in the areas which you may find are a bit of a struggle.  

-AROUND THE CLOCK….OR NOT: Companions can be full time or part time they can live in or live out. This means that if you’d like to share the care, you can...but you also have the option of full-time help if you need it.

-CHARACTER AND EXPERIENCE: When we register companions we seek out kindness and compassion, as well as relevant experience – all of these characteristics are vital to be considered for this role. We will listen attentively to what families are looking for in a companion and based on your needs, we’ll find the right companion.

-AFFORDABLE: The cost of a companion can start from £200 net per week - £500 net per week. This depends on the companion's previous experience, their level of English, the amount of hours and the duties you would expect your companion to work. This is less expensive than a care home, and also provides the opportunity flexible care in the comfort of the elderly person’s home.

- PROMOTES INDEPENDENCE: Companions can help with promoting independence. They are there as a support and will encourage self reliance. Having someone around to chat to and read the news with will also help one to stay up to date with current affairs and help keep their mind active.

You and your loved one can afford peace of mind, in the comfort of their own home own home, by the means of a quality companion. To find yours contact Homebodies Home Help Agency Call us on: 020 7101 4243 or email us: info@home-bodies.co.uk



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