Companions for the elderly

Companions for the elderly

 26 Jan 2017

We all love the comfort and security of being in our own home. So why not offer your parent the opportunity to receive live-in care in the environment they feel familiar and happy in?

As a dedicated son or daughter you want to provide the best, most professional care possible for your parent. There are different types of companions and a multitude of reasons why you might consider live-in help for your loved ones:

  1. Your parent suffers from dementia or is in a fragile emotional/mental state
  2. Your parent has undergone surgery and needs professional care
  3. You live far away from your parent and want to ensure there is always a helping hand available
  4. You are the sole carer of your parent and would like to share the responsibility
  5. You work full time and your parent requires companionship and daily help
  6. You have many family obligations and need an extra pair of hands to lighten the burden

Having a professional companion can bring such piece of mind to an elderly or frail person, and to their family.  Needs vary – not all clients need a lot of practical help, often they simply need companionship and support, somebody to chat to, while they go about their day.

If you feel your loved one could benefit from the presence of a companion, please get in touch with us to find the perfect help for you. Call us on: 020 7101 4243 or email us:


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