We have been working with Homebodies for 6 years. We like to work with Lois and Simone together, the communication between us have been always excellent. They know which are the key factors of a successful placement. We are happy to say that they not only represent the interests of the families but they pay attention to the need of our au pairs, too. Even in case of problems we and our au pairs can always count on Lois and Simone. Annette and Viki, Hungary. 

I would like to recommend the Homebodies agency, it is a very professional service. Lois and Simone are two reliable agents and friendly people to collaborate with and I'm very pleased to work with them.From Christina, Italy.


We have been working with Homebodies for a few years now and are fully satisfied about this cooperation. Lois & Simone are always available, willing to help, very conscientious in their work. They select families but au pairs as well and take time with each one of them to make sure they will be a good match together. It is a pleasure to work with their team.” Julie, France.


Our alliance with Homebodies is a perfect example of a very effective partnership, we great value our productive partnership with Homebodies, since both Lois and Simone are very collaborative and have shown incredible dedication to placing our candidates in the UK.  The care and balance that Homebodies is putting in the management of the relationship is remarkable as well as the understanding to the au pair programme in the same way we do. Such collaboration is essential for us in order to offer a high standard support to all our au pairs in the UK. Elena Fernández de Pinedo - Spain